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My brother Jimmy and myself

A Wonderful ADOPTION Story

 I am writing this story to help people who are adopted, birth parents, adoptive family, and friends. In our technological world, we are currently able to use so many sources to find out information that some states in the United States wish to keep private. Let me begin by saying that journey in the adoption triad of birthparents, adoptee and adoption parents is from a fourth person view. Let me introduce you to myself my name is Pamela Womack Sims I was an only child until the age of ten. I always wanted to have a sibling but it was never in the cards for my parents to have one naturally. After my mother suffered several miscarriages she decided that adoption would be an option she wanted to pursue further. Back in the late 1970s, this was a hard route to go. The investigation in-home studies seemed to endure for months really over a year. Then one day my Mother finally got the call that after much paperwork, reference checks and all other types of background checks she and my Dad were approved to be placed on an adoption waiting list. I remember that the caseworker told her no time period could be given as to when or even if a baby would be found available to join our family. That didn't stop my Mother from getting a nursery together including all the cute clothes for a boy, toys, crib and all the accessories that any new baby could ever want or need. I remember lying in bed talking with my Mother praying for my little brother to come quickly. I wanted to be a big sister so much. The wait seemed impossible. But finally, one day when I was home from school in May 1977 with chickenpox the phone rang and my Mother answered she became hysterically excited. It was the call she had waited for so long. The caseworker called to inform her that she had a baby boy that had been in March who was now eligible for adoption. The caseworker set up a time for my parents to go to their office and meet my new baby brother. It was the longest two weeks of my life waiting to become the big sister. I remember on the first meeting my parents went alone to meet my brother. They came home from that visit so excited. This was before our current technology no cell phone photos to be seen instantly. In two days time, I would get the chance to meet my little brother for the first time. Wow, it was so exciting. Time flew by and this time I was allowed to go to the Social Services Office with my parents. My parents were taken into an office with the Case Worker and started signing paperwork. Another lady came over to me and asked if I was ready to see my little brother I grinned ear to ear. So she leads me to a small office right next to where my parents were signing papers. When we entered the room a lady was holding this baby wrapped so in a bright blue blanket. I was told to sit down and before I knew what was happening the nice lady handed me my baby brother to hold for the first time. I had held babies before thanks to my best friend who had siblings. But this was my own baby brother. About the time that I was just staring at him, he began to cry. A pacifier was handed to me and then my parents came through to see how I liked my little brother. My Father who always seemed to have quotes for everything told me that this was someone I would love for the rest of my life no matter what. It is true that I still love my little brother even though he is 42 years old almost 43 years old. Through the years my parents raised my brother to always know he was adopted. They taught him that his real mother was too young to have and raise a baby so she made the hardest decision a Mother could make to give him up for Adoption. My Mother was always thankful for his birth mom making the decision to trust her to raise my brother. When he was about eighteen years old my mother worked with a sweet Adoption Angel to try to find his birth mom. Without success because records were sealed and it was not easy to find out information. My Mother passed away in August 2000. Before she died she had made me promise to look out for my brother and be there for him. She also wanted to fulfill her dream of finding his birth mom so that she could make sure my brother knew that he was lucky he was loved by not one but two Moms.

The Search For My Brother's Birth Mother

I began helping my brother search for his Birth Mother in 2018. I started looking through Newspapers from Upstate New York at the time of my brother Jimmy's birth. I ordered Jimmy an Ancestry DNA test. Once the results came in I went to work hard on the mystery. I narrowed down who would be his closest relatives based solely on DNA. I then send messages through Ancestry .com to reach out to these people asking the same question, "did anyone know of a baby given up for adoption in the year 1977." I must have sent out fifty messages or more. I made contact with a wonderful genealogy researcher Jennifer Sawyer Graham who also is related to my brother. With her advice and several Adoption, Angels lead me to a road of success. I followed one lead to another and with the grace of God, I made contact with my brother's birth mother. She is an absolutely wonderful woman who has now been reunited with my brother. I also have had the privilege to find my brother's birth mother's family she had lost when she herself was adopted years earlier.     

Jimmy goes to California

Jimmy flew out to California on January 25th, 2019 to meet his birth mother in person. His story and his birth mother's story is coming to this page soon. 

Jimmy through the years

Special Thank You's To Adoption Helpers

I want to thank the following people for helping me be able to complete my brother's journey to his birth mother. Linda Mosher,  Anne Johnson, Larry Corbett, Jennifer Graham, Marty Miller, Nicole Rowe, and several others along the way. I want this positive story to show that Adoption can be done so positive.

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A Little Bit About Me

 I am a Busy Tennessee Mom who currently lives in Dayton, Tennessee with my husband of nearly twenty-six years Charlie. I have two grown children one is a Middle School Science Teacher and the other one is a Freshman at Austin Peay University. I have one younger brother Jimmy.